Common Problems of Garage Door Units

Common Problems of Garage Door Units

The most common tendency of human beings is that they do not care about things till the time they get worst. However, it is much easier to gain back the normal operation of garage door units even after applying visual inspection on weekly basis but when we keep on ignoring them they start causing more trouble. Actually a garage door unit possesses so many delicate parts inside and they suffer huge wear and tear losses with each movement. Garage door repair chicago service providers can guide you better about all potential faults that an uncared garage door can often face.

The best trick to have long life operation from garage door units is to add some efforts to organise its visual inspection and by lubricating it time to time. Whenever you find some trouble with movements of your garage door unit then prefer to call garage door service experts to run the maintenance operation.

Here we are talking about some of the potential issues observed in garage doors that demand immediate repair or maintenance:

  1. Door is opening or closing with a heavy sound:

This issue is observed commonly in traditional heavy weighted garage door units and it occurs mainly because of broken torsion or extension type spring. When anyone of these springs get broken with time or due to mishandling then it becomes essential to call experts for fixing the issue.


First of all you need to perform visual test. In case if you find spring broken then stop moving your garage door forcefully and call the garage door repair chicago professionals to organise repair task.

  1. That common off hinges issue:

When horizontal tracks fails to maintain alignment for movement of a garage door unit then metal bracket at end point of track naturally becomes loose and the bolts get unscrewed. This situation can cause major troubles if you ignore it so long.


In case if your garage door has fallen over floor then you need to call experts as soon as possible. Whereas if the rollers are still connected to the tracks then prefer to close your door with gentle movement and then slowly tight its lose bolts. Maintain proper distance between tracks in all directions and ensure that everything is back to its normal position.

  1. Door doesn’t respond to opening/closing commands:

This situation can be caused due to two major factors: either battery of the remote control unit is dying or the door opener is not responding to the commands. 


The first case can be solved easily by simply using new batteries. But the second issue is commonly observed in doors that are much older and follow past design techniques so it is great idea to replace it with new one to get best services ahead.

Other than this, garage door unit might be facing certain with its motor sensitivity that is desired to be upgrades time to time. Garage door repair chicago can help you to find better solutions of every possible fault.